Yes. The disassemble trailer for ATV is highly suitable for this type of transportation in such conditions.
Yes, as long as the maximum load of 500 pounds is respected.
Yes. However, you shall not exceed the 500 pounds recommended maximum load and shall add extension bars (T-01). You should start from the basis that if two individuals can easily manipulate a craft, the trailer will be suited for this kind of craft.
It is important to respect the weight authorized by the ATV manufacturer, which is normally between 20 and 50 pounds. See your ATV instruction manual.
You can use almost all kinds of small crafts (motor launch, canoe, kayak, etc.) that you or two individuals can easily manipulate.
Definitely. You will appreciate the versatility of the trailer for such an operation, but you shall never exceed the 500 pounds recommended maximum load and shall put the materials horizontally on the trailer.
Between 2 and 3 pounds of air are suggested for an optimal suspension.
Yes, several types of boxes that you will find on the market can be placed very easily on the trailer (example: snow sled), however a removable box suitable for the Offroad is available as an option (bu-001).
No. It is not necessary to use the stabilizer of boat, only in case of a boat completely rounded off or of a more pronounced skittle.
Suggested retail price : 899$+tx , Free shipping. Additional shipping charges may apply for remote areas.


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